Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Closing Note

I'm finishing this blog but it will still be online. I have another blog which is aimed specifically at me making my new game, Blue Box:

Yep, I'll still continue uploading to my deviantart channel:
I hope you have seen a few new stuff from this blog. Goodbye!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Dimension Upgrading

Who said there wasn't a 6th dimension? I've made a video to show how to increase dimensions

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Blobulicol My Latest

Although I have now been working on my other Blue Box Blog, I haven't stopped my abstractt artwork!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New Blog Released!

Hello Everyone! Yep, I've added another blog! Since I'm making a game and I'm past all the hard and boring Send Message----------Receive Message Scripts (I hope), I'm up to the exciting level designing stage!  I will give lots of updates on how this new game (Blue Box) is going! It is located at:

Monday, 14 January 2013

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Ipod Particle 3D

I haven't posted anything in some time so maybe I should continue with an Ipod tutorial. I will show you how to make the thing below only using your Ipod and a few apps:

1: Start off by going into Pulsar and creating a pretty decent screenshot.

2: Now you import it into Sketchup and put a few shapes and objects over the top. Make sure you place the objects in the right position (as you can see i've placed circular ones because of the circle particle).
If the shapes are black and have a white background, lower the opacity.

3: Now just put it into either LensFlare or LensLight to add a great Flare effect.

4: It should look quite light. Don't worry because that will all be fixed. Import it into Photogene and change the Mood until it fits the look.

5: Now you just set the picture as your wallpaper and create a screenshot.

6: Now put it into Sketchup and make three layers, the middle is that screenshot from step 5, the top one is the main picture from step 4 and the bottom one is a hidden backup of the top one.
The top one must have 79% opacity so you can see what you are erasing from.

7: Start erasing from the top one, making sure you create a 3d illusion.

8: You should now successfully set the top one to 100% opacity and it should look like this:

Effective but a bit slow, you make a 3d wallpaper from a particle system!
You can edit it in Photogene and add some cool filters:

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Primitive Update!

Don't Worry, I haven't forgotten about my blog! 4 more hours until the renders of Primitive are complete! Here is a screenshot of it: 

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Working on Tidiness..

It is one those times in the year where your windows desktop just gets too cluttered up! So I decided to start work on a wallpaper which will fix the messy problem. Here is what I've done so far:   

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Friday, 7 December 2012

Spline Style
Spline Video Link Above

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Started learning 3ds Max!

I finally got this book: 
I'm going through it, learning 3ds Max. I'm preparing to make the hop from C4D to 3DS!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Remaking Still Life Through Portal 2

I'm working on a giant poster-sized picture depicting portal 2 in the corruption shutdown stages. Here is a small tiny part:   

My Faith Plate (from Portal 2)

I recorded a video of portal 2 game-play in slow motion and I saw how a faith plate moves (step on it and you go flinging somewhere). I decided to put the looks into my own hands and I tried remaking it through cinema 4d! Here is a render:

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Grass Test

I do have to congratulate my computer for rendering this frame out of many thousands!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Portable Creative Minds

Not only do I work on computers, I also do some graphics on my Ipod. I love to do epic graphics on what is but a small iphone. So, to help the graphic designers/ wannabees out I list the apps which I think are a definite 'yes' in getting. For a start, just to tell you, I create my good Ipod wallpapers mainly on photoshop. I start with a template like this:
Through that, I lower the opacity and place it on top. Then I recreate the app-holders and finally I test it out. Here is the Pixel Theme I did:
Ok, so now I will go down the list of the essential graphic apps for Apple IGadgets in no particular order.

Sketch Book Mobile
Price: $1.99
This app Is probably my most used graphics app (besides from Pulsar).
It is as close to photoshop with the layers as I have found. It has pretty much no limit e.g. Customizable Brushes, Opacity Changes, Import From Library/ Cam.
I think this is the most worth-it buy and I'm even willing to put maximum $12 onto it if I have to.
Get this FIRST!

Pixel Storm
Price: Free
Like Artisan and Pulsar, this has some simple controls in which you can change the Particle Size, Type, Speed, Growth e.t.c. Very simple and very effective.

Price: $0.99
This app is great for recolouring, framing, Bluring and giving your picture the finishing touch it needs.

Alien Sky
Price: $0.99
This app, gives you the best tool for adding effective planetary objects such as planets, comets, light rings e.t.c. It has easy import and export. You can add textures to the scene to perfect it and add more realism.

Lens Flare
Price: $0.99
Same as Alien Sky, this lets you easily add Lens Optical Flares, Camera Effects and Specialized Textures.It can be exported as a picture but most importantly, it can quickly be imported to other apps like Lens Light/Alien Sky.

Lens Light
Price: $0.99
Pretty much the  same as Lens Flare and Alien Sky, this has the same textures as Lens Flare.
The effects are based around spotlights, dynamic flares and more.

360 Panorama
Price: $0.99
This app allows you to take one photo all around you, I mean that literally. You are inside a cylindar and you look around, making a long strip of photo, joining up together. It is quite hard to explain come to think of it but it is totally worth it. 

Price: $1.99
I usually use my main camera but I started using this due to the wide range of feature plus I love how there is a camera grid line which you can turn on and off. The grid helps as a guide for good camera shots.

HDR Fusion
Price: $0.99
A great way of combining two photos together and filtering out the people, although it does have many other features, I do prefer it being Free.

SplashTop 2
Price: Free on Ipod/Iphone, $7.49 on Ipad
When a mate told me about this, I thought it was a joke. I then tried it for myself and I was like AWESOME!!! It lets you control your computer from your ipod with all the stuff like a view of the computer, the keyboard, the cursor, shortcuts and much more. I love how if I can connect my computer to loudspeakers I pretty have my own loudspeaker remote I can control for times like parties. Oh, and if someone is using my computer, I can make them nervous.......

Price: $4.99
An advanced 3d modelling tool which takes time to get the hang of. You can create some cool stuff but it takes quite a lot of time. The reason why I like it is because it is like 3DS Max/ Cinema 4D in a pocket (except for rendering).

Price: $5.50
Oooh yes, my favourite app. This lets you put a scene together with 3d shapes (Combine basic 3d shapes to make advanced ones), it lets you make materials or choose from presets (mind you, I made a whole material pack with 26 materials), it lets you add lights, change all settings with everything, change the render options and lastly RENDER THE SCENE OUT!!!!! Would pay maximum $16 for this great one. The only downside is the materials are only slightly limited and you can't turn off the snap settings.

Price: $2.99
This app is mainly used for masking out pictures and adding layers. It is very great for masking and it is easy to import/export. Highly recommend it!

Price: $3.99
This app is for the inner zen of you. It lets you create a model out of clay and export it. There are many tools to modify it and you can add colour. Only downsides are it is limited and the rotation of the model is hard to get around. Other than that, it is great for fun.

Price: $0.99
Like Pixel Storm and Pulsar, this is rather more in-depth. It allows you to create advanced particle systems and do all kinds of stuff with it. First look at tutorials so you know what your tapping, it tells you after you tapped it unfortunotely, other than that it is great.

Stop Motion Studio
Price: $0.99
Make the best Stop Motion Videos quickly and easily, this is the best of the best app for stop motion and it is user friendly and has many features.

Pulsar: Interactive
Price: $0.99
Create some of the coolest looking explosion particle effects to some of the wackiest ink spreads in this awesome app for particles. It is definitley great.

Magic Painter
Price: $0.99
This app lets you make some cool silk effects all the way down to some awesome glow writing. Great for intermediates and starters.

Total Cost: $31.35
So I suggest getting either two $20 Itunes card or just one $50.
Now I will show you a few things I created and how to make them.

Start off with a simple particle screenshot from Pixel Storm:

Now import it into Lens Flare and add a Flare:

Good, Now add two extra flares (a ring and a blue light) to give it a good effect:

And now finally save it and export it into Sketchup were you add the text.

There! Complete!
Using those steps, I made another one:

Now here is a random test I did using the exporting and back again steps:

To make this, I started off with a simple round block, text and grid in Sketchup:

I then put it into Lens Light and added a light

So, now it goes back into Sketchup and I do a basic scribble over it 

Back into Lens Light and I add a Light over the top

Yes, back into Sketchup and I add a few scribbles on the sides

Now add more random ink blots with an ink pen

Now (optional) add a grid on top and you are done!

Here's how you create a different project:
Start off in Pulsar and get a good screenshot like this:

Now, import it into Sketchup and add a Gradient Overlay from a picture. Now put it into either LensFlare/ LensLight and add the finishing touch.
Here's the end result:

Here are another two which I followed those steps:

Awesome! Now it is time you should start learning ITracer. The next pictures I show you made in Itracer have NO POST EFFECTS (no effects added after render)
Start off with a simple Floor and add things on top. Make sure in render settings, Anti-Alias is turned on and you have good lighting. I added spheres of different colours and one glass:

Eventually I used the glass sphere and put a few on a cylinder. It didn't look bad.

I decided to make a render which wasn't exactly 'appearance based' but rather 'style'. I used an Extrusion.

Now I used four extrusions, a cube, a light and the best materials to create what I think is a 'perfect render' for ITracer. At first glance, the Floor looks realistic:

So yeah, that is just some of my journey throughout graphics on Ipod, I'm still learning. With this, I hope you have learnt something new. Thank you and Mind my spelling and punctuation (if I have any mistakes)!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

An Update on Primitive

This is one of the many thousand frames my computer is rendering of this video.  

Thursday, 22 November 2012

This old Picture

Around 2 years ago, I made a 'Portal' themed Still Life Title Page. I lost it and now I finally found it!


I was working on a short video (1 minute) called Primitive. You see a primitive shape explode or deform or something like that from a distance and then it shows it up close in detail. Full with Motion Blur and more. I haven't done the background yet though. Here are two screenshots

Blue Box Renders!

The Start Menu renders are finished!
Here is a peak at the main menu: