Monday, 14 January 2013

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Ipod Particle 3D

I haven't posted anything in some time so maybe I should continue with an Ipod tutorial. I will show you how to make the thing below only using your Ipod and a few apps:

1: Start off by going into Pulsar and creating a pretty decent screenshot.

2: Now you import it into Sketchup and put a few shapes and objects over the top. Make sure you place the objects in the right position (as you can see i've placed circular ones because of the circle particle).
If the shapes are black and have a white background, lower the opacity.

3: Now just put it into either LensFlare or LensLight to add a great Flare effect.

4: It should look quite light. Don't worry because that will all be fixed. Import it into Photogene and change the Mood until it fits the look.

5: Now you just set the picture as your wallpaper and create a screenshot.

6: Now put it into Sketchup and make three layers, the middle is that screenshot from step 5, the top one is the main picture from step 4 and the bottom one is a hidden backup of the top one.
The top one must have 79% opacity so you can see what you are erasing from.

7: Start erasing from the top one, making sure you create a 3d illusion.

8: You should now successfully set the top one to 100% opacity and it should look like this:

Effective but a bit slow, you make a 3d wallpaper from a particle system!
You can edit it in Photogene and add some cool filters: